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An international Multi-Disciplinary Company based in NYC. We work on projects from any country with individual and corporate clients.
We are focused on modern Architectural and Interior styles, contemporary constructions and comfortable planning.

Our projects

Smart City
Smart city
Computer Class
Computer class
City in Cyprus
City in cyprus
Farm in Forest
Farm in forest
Residential Building
Residential Building
Residential Building
Residential Building
Intercity Bus Station
Intercity bus station
Light Center of Science
Light. Center of Science
Office Building
Living building complex
Living Building Complex
Office Building
bed room
Bed room
Interior design
Modular house
Smart Modular House
Smart modular house
living building
Living building
Fashion Company's Office
Fashion company’s office
washing machine
Yacht Club
Yacht club
Museum of Modern World
Museum of modern art

Well Designed & Well Built
Architectural Development In The USA

Naiuma has a natural aptitude for unique art & architectural design, interiors, classy furniture, and extraordinary pieces of electronic items. Whether you are looking for innovative architectural services for commercial, retail, or residential sectors, we are the best architectural company in the USA. We at Naiuma can deliver top-qualitative, exquisite and unique smart house, office or a store for you, your family and your team.
First, we explore the clients’ style of living and focus on what they want In their interiors or furniture designs; then, we offer tailored solutions according to the client’s budget and trends of art of living. Our architectural studio provides elegant and functional architectural services which lead to perfect apartment renovation or building constructions which will bring you a lot of positive emotions and profit. Everything this is possible only because we are big experts in architectural development with huge expirience in renovation of apartments and building constructions. So please be sure you've found the right interior design company, hire an architect or hire an interior designer here and get the best project for your building in nyc.

Find your architectural designer or hire an architect in NYC at Naiuma

We are a leading Interior design company in New York City where you can hire an interior designer, a residential architect or a public building architect in NYC which will make an individual, unique project for your home, office or a big public bulding. We at our interior design studio comprehend client’s real needs and strategize the process of design creation to implement it using a collaborative approach. We aim to deliver innovative solutions with smart house systems for commercial and residential properties ranging from high to low budget real estate projects.
Being a top leading Architectural company in the USA, Naiuma strives to deliver highly stylish & Beautiful architectural & furniture Designs which will fascinate their visitors. So, if you are looking for a top architectural studio to improve your space uniquely, contact us via WhatsApp +77059907855 or email: CONTACT@NAIUMA.COM. Our interior or architectural designer or residential architect will make the best work for you, we are sure you will be happy that started apartment renovation or building in nyc. Naiuma, the best building company, at your service.

Renovation of apartments or building in NYC.
Best exterior and Interior design studio in the US.

Naiuma provides the best team that creates schematic building designs after assessing the environment and the need of the clients. We work on each detail, including neighboring properties, orientation and all nuances, while planning and creating 3D designs for your houses. Our exterior and interior 3D designs will produce great-looking residential or commercial properties matching the clients' desires and dreams.
We at Naiuma don’t only make architectural or design projects, we fully create spaces including furniture and appliances designs. We have a wide range of smart electronic appliances like ovens, sinks, irons, and other items ready to be sold and embedded to your living or office space. Each piece of furniture and electronics from our store is well-designed to transform your space into a piece of comfort and beauty. So, if you want a wow look for your interior, hire an interior designer from Naiuma today. Or, if you want to get a project for a large scale building, we will provide a public building architect for you. Since our building company has expertise in real estate, furniture, design, decoration, layout, and electronics, you can depend on us to get a spectacular appearance for your property anytime.
Phone: +7 705 9907855